Referrals x Affiliates

Below are affiliate links to services I personally use. If you’re at all interested, it’s no cost to you and I truly appreciate your support. Thank you!

Financial + Stocks

  • WeBull Investing — Sign up, deposit any amount into your account and get up to 12 free stocks.
  • M1 Financial — A simple stock brokerage solution that allows you to buy fractional shares. Get $10 just for signing up with a free account.
  • Market Briefs Newsletter — The non-traditional newsletter for non-traditional investors. A great digest of financial news affecting your money (real estate, crypto, stocks and more).


  • Mint Mobile — If you’re looking to save money and try a different carrier, Mint Mobile was quick and painless to switch to. YMMV, but I have better coverage with them compared to Verizon.
  • OhmConnect — I use this service to help save on my energy bill.
  • Windscribe VPN – looking for a free VPN alternative? Windscribe gives you 15GB/month, which has been plenty for me. I enable this VPN when I use public WiFi. Safety first!